OpenTouch Personal Cloud

Welcome to the frustration-free audio conference!

Now with OpenTouch® Conference, it becomes easy to set up and attend multi-users voice calls! Eliminate the frustrations of traditional conference calls by using our audio conferencing and screen sharing service system.

Invite on the fly...

...from any browser, from your Microsoft Outlook, or from your smart-phone or your tablet.

Join faster

You and your guest just click to join, OpenTouch® Conference calls you in. As the conference call leader, you are alerted when your first guest arrives.

Stay on track, control your meeting

You know right away what's going on, who's there, talking, leaving. You don't need to ask, OpenTouch® Conference shows you.

Need to take action? You can mute your participants, dial in new ones, record your call, and much more.

Share what needs to be shared in a click

With OpenTouch® Conference, in a single click, you can share your screen or let guests share theirs. No set-up, no hassle

Signaux Girod

"The solution provides us with highly efficient intra-group collaboration. We save time, budget and gain comfort by limiting our travels while emphasizing interactions. This is what we were looking for."

Nathalie Bouvier
Marketing Manager - Signaux Girod

Why choose OpenTouch® Conference

  • Cloud-based for access from anywhere, any time
  • Simple to set up, join and use
  • Powerful features and user-friendly design
  • Ideal to improve multi-site communication

To learn more you can download our documents: