OpenTouch Personal Cloud

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Invite on the fly

  • Send invitations: You create pre-formatted invites from your Outlook® add-in, smartphone app, or browser invite tool.
  • Receive invitations: Your invites automatically include the OpenTouch® Conference join button for fast and simple conference access. No need to dial-in long numbers and codes.
  • Dial-in numbers: You easily add and remove international dial-in numbers from a country checklist.

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Join faster

  • Alerts:  As soon as your first guest joins your meeting, OpenTouch® Conference alerts your computer and smartphone. Just click 'View' to see who just joined.
  • Fast join:  Click to join from the OpenTouch® Conference invitation join button, your Outlook® add-in ,or your smartphone – OpenTouch® Conference calls you on the phone number you choose.
  • No access codes:  You'll never need dial-in numbers or access codes again - but if necessary we have a wide range of international dial-in numbers.

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Stay on track, control your meeting

  • See who's on: From both the web and your smartphone app, you'll always know who’s just joined, and who's speaking.
  • Add participant on the fly: If someone's missing, you can easily add them to the call from your contacts on your smartphone.
  • Stay in control: If someone has background noise, you can mute their line. And if needed, you can record the call or assign a billing code.

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Share what needs to be shared, in a click

  • Click to share:  Just click the big button, at any time, and you're sharing your screen. You can also allow your guests to share with a click.
  • Technology made easy: It’s that simple. No complexity or headaches, and no training required.

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To learn more you can download our documents: