OpenTouch Personal Cloud

Project collaboration beyond company borders!

Share documents, synchronize agendas, assign tasks, set up meetings and chat. OpenTouch® TeamShare makes project collaboration easy.

Create your personal TeamShare in a click

Just click to create your TeamShare workplace, invite your TeamShare participants, and you’re ready to start sharing projects.

Share your documents securely

Decide which documents you want to share, with whom, and securely drag and drop them in your TeamShare.
You want to work offline? OpenTouch® TeamShare automatically synchronizes with your TeamShare Drive, so you always have the latest documents with you.

Access your TeamShare from anywhere

Stay in sync on the go, with the OpenTouch® TeamShare mobile app for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™.

Collaborate with your TeamShare participants beyond company borders

Need to discuss a project with your TeamShare participants? Easily check their availability for a meeting, or engage directly in a chat.

Manage your project easily

Assign tasks to project members, visually keep track of the project status and how much time is spent.

To learn more you can download our documents: